Protect & Educate Yourself

Step one when protecting yourself as an athlete in today’s world of NIL is to start a business by forming an LLC and running everything you do through the business.

Building and profiting from your athletic influence is like building a house. Every great house starts with a solid foundation. Forming your LLC is the foundation to your athletic house.

Without the protection of an LLC, you are left extremely vulnerable and your personal assets are wide open when something goes wrong.

Also, there are a ton of tax advantages you’re missing out on by not having an LLC. We talk about this in-depth inside the Blueprint Workshop, which is included.

Sounds complicated and like a lot of work? It is. That’s why we do it for you. 

Build The House™


Here are a couple common questions we get.

Is this legal and will it affect my athlete's NCAA eligibility?

Yes. It is 100% legal and legitimate. We have worked with attorneys, professional sports agents, business leaders, professional athletes, and CPAs extensively to ensure everything is accurate, legal, and vetted.

The first thing you will see in the Blueprint is a video with in-depth insights from a D1 NCAA Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance. We assure you nothing in the Blueprint would put your athlete at risk of losing eligibility.

How long does this take?

You can move along the Blueprint Workshop that’s included at your own pace. The course content typically takes less than 30 minutes to work through.

The time it takes to complete the formation of your LLC, get your EIN, and complete your operating agreement varies depending on your state and a few other factors. However, the average is 60-90 days.

Let's Build The House™